Inculcating a heart for learning and nurturing that heart for community sharing.

To provide all children in our care access to meaningful child-centred education.

We believe that all children possess a capacity to learn and deserve to learn alongside with each other.

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It's about quality....

For our continued efforts in providing quality preschool education, we are recognised as a SPARK certified pre-school.

The Singapo​re Preschool Accreditation Framework (SPARK) is a quality assurance framework to assist preschools in Singapore in raising their quality. SPARK aims to provide recognition and support for preschool leaders in their efforts to improve teaching and learning, and administration and management processes to enhance the holistic development and well-being of young children.


It's about health....

We have also been awarded by Health Promotion Board (HPB) the Platinum Certificate and Healthy Meals in Pre-schools Programme (HMPP) Certification. The Healthy Pre-school (HPS) Framework accredits pre-schools which have comprehensive school health promotion practices for students, parents and staff. The “Healthy Pre-School – Platinum Tier” accreditation distinguishes pre-schools which made efforts beyond the basic requirements for their students and staff. 


Udit is doing well in his new school. A big school and school bus are his new joys during these first months in P1. He feels like a 'big boy' for taking a bus and not being walked to school by parents. Chen Li Kindergarten has played a pivotal role in grooming Udit to be more social, responsible and expressive. No doubt Chen Li Kindergarten is a good choice for a lot of anxious, new parents who are looking for a genuinely caring place around Mountbatten for their kids to start the learning journey.

During his break from classroom learning due to Covid, Udit was able to do his Mathematics and second language lessons on Zoom meetings. Without the hard work done earlier by his Kindergarten teachers, it may not have been possible for Udit to perform the tasks independently and confidently. During Chinese New Year holidays, Udit made a phone call with his Chen Li class teacher whom he still misses a lot, to exchange greetings and share his newfound P1 excitement.

We are truly grateful for all the care, love and values that Chen Li Kindergarten teachers and staff instilled in Udit during his four years there. The memories and lessons will be lifelong. 

BIG THANK YOU from proud parents - Brijesh and Shivani.

As a newbie mum, I was a bit unsure on what to look for a school but I knew in my heart that instilling good values early on in life is very important. We are so happy to find a kindergarten that has everything we prayed & hope for. In particular, Alonzo is growing up to be considerate and mindful of his actions. He makes sure he guards his words so he won't be offending his classmates and teachers/ He will always remind us at home to be kind and gracious. Witnessing all these as a parent is far more important than anything else. Thank you to Chen Li Kindergarten's teachers and staff for the superb guidance and genuine care they have selflessly given to our little one. Please know that all your efforts are well appreciated

Gareth Tan

On my first day of school, I was a little bit scared as I felt all alone in a new big school with all the big brothers and sisters. Luckily, I have two friends from Chen Li in the same class. We went for recess and explored the new school together with our new teachers.

It was scary without my parents but I enjoyed going to the canteen to buy food all by myself. It was fun and I feel like a big boy!

I still think about my friends and teachers in Chen Li and I miss them very much. I want to say a big THANK YOU to my teachers, Lin Lao Shi, Miss Seah and Miss Wong for teaching and guiding me during my two years in Chen Li.



As parents, we feel more anxious about school re-opening than our six-year old as he will be entering a new phase in his life – primary school. We were worried if he can cope with and adapt to a new and much bigger school and whether he can make new friends easily especially during this pandemic period of new school norm.

One day into the first week of school, he came home and shared with us that his classmate’s mask strap snapped. His classmate panicked and cried as he did not know what to do. My boy said he went over to comfort him and accompanied him to seek help from their form teacher. We were surprised when he said that Chen Li teachers always teach them to be kind and help others in need. We are proud of him and hope that he will always bear this important value in mind throughout his life.

We are a Swiss Italian family with three kids. Two of them graduated from Chen Li Kindergarten and our three year old boy is currently in Nursery class of the same preschool.

Years ago, while looking for the best of the school choices around our neighbourhood and beyond, we came across Chen Li Kindergarten. We immediately got impacted about the core values that this school provides and we decided that this would be the right direction for our kid’s education.

Above all the wonderful qualities that this Kindergarten have, I can mention that love, kindness and gentleness has grown strong in our daughter and son as well as their academic preparation.

One day my daughter came from school and told me that during recess a girl with some difficulties to talk and walk came at her table and asked if she could seat. Zoe immediately agreed and try to make her feel comfortable starting a conversation with her. Zoe’s classmates whispered to her ears: “why are you talking to her? Don’t you see her? I will never talk to a girl like that”.

Zoe got very sad after hearing the comments. Though she tried to keep smiling at the girl making her feel accepted.

Attributes like compassion, kindness or gentleness are to be learnt and both family and school play an important role. Zoe’s compassionate heart has been shaped with the care, love and example of the teachers in Chen Li Kindergarten.

In addition, before COVID-19, we had so much fun to participate as family to all the different celebrations and outdoors activity… we had so much fun all together and we have enjoyed the interaction with Chen Li’s staff and overall atmosphere that makes Chen Li not only a school / kindergarten but also a very special community.

To conclude we are very grateful to Chen Li Kindergarten and for all the love, passion and teachings provided to our kids during the last 4 years.

Priscila and Andrea Laiso

Rui Ke felt extremely excited about Primary 1. He looked forward to going to school every day as he couldn’t wait to get to know some new friends and to learn new things from his primary school teachers. Rui Ke shared with me that in Chen Li Kindergarten, the teachers taught him Mathematics problems for Primary 1’s syllabus. So he found himself quite well prepared for Mathematics lessons. In addition, he found it really useful to learn how to buy food using money or EZ-link card. That’s really a very practical and great hands-on activity in kindergarten. Rui Ke also shared with me that he was taught to be more careful when he is in Primary 1 to look after his personal belongings as it will be harder to locate things he misplaced in a “huge” school.

Being Independent

As parents, my wife and I are always impressed by the way the Chen Li Kindergarten trained my child to be an independent learner. Particularly, my child Rui Ke was able to convey messages clearly to us when he was briefed by the kindergarten teacher, be it things to bring to school or any important news/forms to be submitted. Generally, we are grateful to Chen Li Kindergarten teachers for this practice.

Sadly, this practice was not continued in the primary school where most of the information was directly given by the teacher to their parents through online platform/application. We wish that Primary 1 teachers can train students to be more independent even though it may take a while to let primary 1 students familiarize themselves with the routine to be more independent.

Thank You from,

Kam Wei Loon, Jason

Father of Rui Ke

Andrew K.

Coming from a home environment where we speak mostly English, I was concerned that Andrew would have difficulty adjusting to the demands of Chinese mother tongue lessons in Primary One. I was pleasantly surprised to see him apply himself to Chinese lessons in primary school, and how he enjoys the classes. He remembers fondly lessons with his Chinese teacher, 林老师, at Chen Li Kindergarten. She was constantly patient and encouraging, even when Andrew found it difficult to write new Chinese words. Above all, Andrew remembers 林老师 for her kindness and the gentle smile she always had for the children, making Chinese lessons something he looked forward to. 谢谢林老师!


When Andrew came home from school when he was at Chen Li Kindergarten, I would ask how his day went and what he did in school – what stories he heard, what songs he sang and what pictures he drew. I wanted to know what he did in school. One of the best surprises I received was when he quoted bible verses and told me about bible lessons that he had learnt. When he graduated, he received a gift from the kindergarten – a bible. He removed the wrapping paper and promptly flipped to the Lord’s Prayer to read these familiar verses, which the teachers had taught him. This affirmed my husband’s and my decision to send him to a Christian kindergarten, where he learned not just academic work, but God’s word and Christian values. A big thank you to Mrs See, the teachers and the volunteers with the Explorer programme, for faithfully and lovingly teaching the little ones who God is.

We would like to share with you & the teachers that Bernadette has recently been selected for Class Model Pupil at Kong Hwa School last July. We thank with gratitude & appreciation to you & the teachers for the hard work, patience & guidance that showered upon her. 

You all have taught her well & she has no problem during her transition to P1. She has so far coped well with her studies & scored well. She's being assigned by her form teacher, to guide the two pupils on their studies. 

We will drop by one of the days with Bernadette to pay a visit. 

Thank you once again.

God bless!

Margaret (mother of Bernadette)

Chen Li Kindergarten is our best and endorsed choice of preschool in our precinct. The principal, Mrs See, and her teachers have so much care and love for our two kids during their early Nursery and Kindergarten years. We see both our kids transiting well into their new primary school in curriculum content, social skills and having a genuine passion for learning and life itself.

In them, we see an ever burning flame, that is only possible as the everyday kind words n guidance from teachers like Mrs Joanna Tan have a lifelong stabilizing effect on our two children in their young, nurturing years between 4 to 6 years old. We see in them happiness, joy and peace towards life, its experiences and challenges.

Come and experience the magical experience Chen Li Kindergarten has for ur child on its grounds. It is the best gift for your child. "

Mr n Mrs Wong

Parents of Zi Yuan and Kai Le

Graduands of 2019 and 2020.

My Take Away from Chen Li Kindergarten

Marilyn Goh

Marilyn Goh

Sam Olea

Sam Olea

Sam Olea

William Cong

Zayn Ashiq

Zayn Ashiq

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