Chen Li Kindergarten
Nurturing the next generation

Inculcating a heart for for learning and nurturing that heart for community sharing.

We provide all children in our care access to meaningful child-centered education.

We believe that all children possess a capacity to learn and deserve to learn alongside each other.


Message from our Chairman

Dear Parents,

Greetings to all of you, Young Parents !

On behalf of all Board Members, a warmest welcome to you for visiting our newly revamped website. I hope you will find this new website more informative and user-friendly.

With the full support from Chen Li Presbyterian Church, this year, we mark our 22 years of community service as a kindergarten in this vicinity. We continuously sought to better our standards and service delivery.

Last year, we took a decisive step to fulfill our dream of having a song to represent our Kindergarten. We extend our appreciation to our Pastoral Staff for making this a reality. This song was launched and sang for the first time by our graduating cohort in November 2015 at their Graduation Ceremony and Concert. With this kindergarten song our kids will be inculcated on their identity and unity.

Another milestone we set to achieve is the SPARK Certification. Thanks to our team of teachers and Principal for their dedication and determination in working together to put the kindergarten at the same level with others who strive to offer quality early childhood education.

In another continuous effort to provide a good character building programme, we have just introduced the Explorer’s Programme to our K1 and K2 children. This programme develops fantastic kids. It is deliberate in its method of delivery, delivering a relevant, child-friendly platform for character development.

Marching forward, we will still adhere to our original Mission, Vision and Core Values. We will continue to be relevant to the ever-challenging demands of today's early childhood education. We will continue to upgrade our staff and update our curriculum to meet the current ECDA guidelines and remain relevant in the provision of preschool education. We will continue to engage our kids with exploratory activities to widen and deepen their skills and knowledge through meaningful real-life learning experiences. Special efforts will be made to inculcate essential life values in our children such as, values of love, care and respect for one another and caring for the environment and the community. It is also our desire to provide a smoother transition for Chen Li Kindergarten children to move on to formal education in primary schools.

At Chen Li Kindergarten, our programme and enrolment remain open to all children and will always remain inclusive to those with special developmental needs. Each and every child will always be provided with equal opportunities to learn.

We look forward to the future with anticipation, to see how we can grow to become a greater and positive influence in our community and a faithful witness for God's kingdom.

Best Regards,

Elder Richard Seah.



 “ every child is a gift from God and deserves to be given the opportunity to learn”


From the Principal’s Desk

Chen Li Kindergarten has a mission to provide all children in our care access to meaningful child-centred learning. Every child who comes through our door enjoys interacting with the rich learning environment set up by our dedicated and qualified teachers. 

Preschool is not about education. It is about experience – learning experiences that enable our young ones to construct knowledge. It is a place where a child feels accepted, secured and motivated to learn along with their peers. A place filled with interesting sights, sounds, smells, touch and tastes. A place where every child should feel accepted and secured.

A good preschool curriculum motivates children to explore, inquire, solve problems and discover for themselves. It takes into account that every child is active and competent to learn, regardless of language or ethnic differences. Our teachers understand young children’s development and are there to facilitate and nurture their growth. They implement lessons that are age and developmentally appropriate to extend children’s thinking. We place emphasis on every child’s character development and nurture their lifelong dispositions, such as perseverance, appreciation, respect and responsibilities.

Chen Li Kindergarten accepts children with different needs, as we believe that every child deserves to learn. Every child is unique and endowed with special gifts. They will blossom in an accepting and inclusive environment.

Our long-term goal is to work hand-in-hand with our parents to foster a joy and eagerness for learning in our children, and to help build a strong foundation for their formal education ahead. This collaboration starts right from the time their little ones step into our Kindergarten.

Children ought to be holistically developed so “their ears will be attentive to wisdom, and hearts turn to understanding” (Proverbs 2:2)

Mrs M L See
Chen Li Kindergarten


The Chen Li Approach

Our Mission

To provide all children in our care access to meaningful child-centred learning.

Our Vision

Inculcating a heart for learning and nurturing that heart for community caring

Our Core Values

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control.

Chen Li Kindergarten

We recognise the importance of developing your child's fullest potential. That is why Chen Li Kindergarten has customised our classes to your child's needs and made the curriculum as fun as possible. With interesting programmes such as computer interactive board, phonics and music and movement, plus learning corners that help explore their 5 senses, it's no wonder your child looks forward to coming to the Kindergarten every day!


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