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Mrs Joanna Tan

Mrs Joanna Tan


I started my career as a preschool teacher in year 2004.  Through out my years of working with children, I have learnt to appreciate that every child is different.  Each child has his or her potential that can be developed to its fullest, given the right environment and guidance of a passionate and supportive adult.  

The children of today will be the adults and leaders of tomorrow. Therefore, as a preschool teacher, I see myself as the gardener of tomorrow who plays a part to nurture and prune every seedling with care, and look forward to its blossom.  The outcome will be a landscape of diverse plants, each with its own strengths and potential. 

My passion is also to teach and guide them in the ways of God so that they will grow up to be responsible leaders with good moral standing, and who will glorify God in all their ways.


Chen Li Kindergarten

We recognise the importance of developing your child's fullest potential. That is why Chen Li Kindergarten has customised our classes to your child's needs and made the curriculum as fun as possible. With interesting programmes such as computer interactive board, phonics and music and movement, plus learning corners that help explore their 5 senses, it's no wonder your child looks forward to coming to the Kindergarten every day!

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