Chinese Speech and Drama

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Chinese Speech & Drama


Let your child learn Chinese at an early age to benefit your child’s entire life.

Course Objectives

  • Acquire standard mandarin

  • Building confidence

  • Cultivate positive attitude towards group activities

  • Discover Chinese tradition and culture

  • Enriching imagination and Enhancing creative expression

Course Content

Drama Activities

  1. Music & movement
  2. Song performances
  3. Story telling
  4. Theatre games
  5. Role-playing

Speech Activities

  1. Tongue twisters
  2. Poem recitals
  3. Nursery rhymes
  4. Vocal games
  5. Reading aloud






  • 学习标准华语

  • 丰富及发展儿童的观察力,想象力和创造力,同时为幼儿的心智发展提供空间。

  • 提高幼儿的胆量,培养自律精神,学习与他人沟通,合作。


  1. 绕口令
  2. 儿歌朗读
  3. 唐诗
  4. 音乐律动
  5. 歌曲表演
  6. 童话故事。
  1. 剧场游戏
  2. 集体游戏
  3. 感官训练
  4. 肢体造型
  5. 角色扮演
  6. 故事表演
  7. 短剧等。

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