Leaps And Bounds

Our PE programme is based on the evidence-based Sparks PE programme developed by San Diego University in USA. It is a structured and comprehensive PE programme for children ages 3 to 6, helping the children to develop motor skills and non-locomotor skills through music and fun physical movements daily. While engaging the children in fun physical activities, they will also develop the various basic essential motor and cognitive skills. Our teachers are Spark-certified trainers, as well as holding additional Fitness certifications.



In addition to promoting healthy lifestyles, the focus of programme is to develop basic movement, manipulative, social, and personal skills at an early age. It is inclusive, highly active, integrated academic and wellness concepts, and are fun for all. Additionally, instructional units are designed to develop motor, cognitive, social, and personal skills.

When SPARK EC is integrated into preschool classroom activities, children will learn to:

  • Strengthen listening skills.
  • Distinguish among various auditory cues.
  • Connect movements with other curricula (e.g., literature and music).
  • Be responsible in a group environment.
  • Choose movement patterns based upon their ability.
  • Verbally describe movement experiences and improve language skills.
  • Become familiar with school readiness concepts (e.g., numbers, shapes, colors, alphabet, patterning, and sequencing).
  • Use applications for predicting, patterning, and sequencing that enhance school readiness skills.
  • Be aware of food and nutrition for healthy eating habits (e.g., games that incorporate farm animals, fruits, vegetables, or other foods; or reading literature that reinforces their role in healthy food choice.

Instructional Units Physical and Social Developmental Areas

  • Building Blocks
  • Musical ASAPs
  • Super Stunts
  • Parachute Play
  • Hoop It Up
  • Ribbons, Scarves, and Balloons
  • Fluffball Fun
  • Beanbag Bonanza
  • Rope Action
  • Have a Ball
  • Fancy Feet

Review of Term 2 Leaps & Bounds Programme 2021 at Chen Li Kindergarten


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